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Poverty and Disability

Chronic Poverty and Disability – by Rebecca Yeo, 2001

This paper takes an interesting look at the people with disabilities around the world as making up the majority of the chronically poor people in the world. It looks at international development targets and argues that these are unlikely to be met without including people with disabilities. Since people with disabilities face many barriers to full and equal participation in society, there is a dearth of reliable baseline data on disability around the world and as a result, in responses to chronic poverty, those who are really the poorest people in the world are still in danger of being left out of development efforts. Through case studies based in Uganda and India, Yeo drives the point home that if not properly addressed, the gap between the poorest and those being reached by development efforts will increase.

…..this paper was written in 2001, it’s nearly 2010 – Have we moved on at all?

Hard hitting, and to the point. Set out clearly with recommendations at the end for what further research needs to be done.

Article here: http://tinyurl.com/yextbch

The article is hosted on the Chronic Poverty Research Centre. They are an international partnership of institutions, universities, NGOs and individuals working to come up with relevant research and analysis that will inform policy and work around chronic poverty. With user-friendly navigation around the site and access to articles on a huge number of topics around poverty alleviation and development, it is a great resource for students, policy makers, NGO workers both community based and internationally, Churches, and anyone else who has an interest in these topics:


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